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About me

I am a British New Zealander who has spent their life between New Zealand and Europe. I have qualifications in photography, ecology, and geography and my professional interests are in natural history and landscape evolution.


My research experience is using tree rings to understand ecological, hydrological and geomorphic processes. In particular I have worked developing the first annually resolved tree-ring chronology using Kahikatea (Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, a wetland tree) from the Wairarapa Valley of New Zealand's North Island.


My conservation interests began while working as a landscape and natural history photographer. I found it very difficult to ignore the developing environmental problem resulting from more intensive pressure on water resources.


After completing my Bachelor and Honours degrees in Wellington I moved to Germany to study in the prestigious Bonn University where I was fortunate enough to gain a place in the Tree-Ring Lab and to study in the renowned Water Resources Group.


I am an advocate for adopting water management strategies aligned with world best-practice and as such I continue to develop my research around revegetation methods, landscape evolution using dendrochronology, and developing funding resilience for conservation.


Developing a social enterprise making artisan paper products supports conservation by enabling low-cost management strategies and the potential to independently raise funds.

Black and white adventure self-portrait
Developing a Pa Harakeke
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